Stock Game - Rules of Game      
  1. This game also known as "Apexegame" is a stock investment game that emulates as closely as possible the experience of buying and selling of securities quoted on the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange.
  2. The objective of the game challenge is to accumulate the highest amount of virtual money comprising the game DEPOSIT and any game realized gains/losses. Unrealized gains and losses may not be considered unless at the end of a snowball game.
  3. Games are organized on a monthly basis (or quarterly as the Company so chooses in special cases) and a snowball / accumulative game on half yearly basis.
  4. Players may enter any game at any point in time since the time frame of investment decision may not affect the skill of maximizing profits. A virtual initial DEPOSIT of RM100,000 will be deposited upon activation of account and players may trade immediately.
  5. The Rules of buying and selling of securities closely follows the Rules of the Exchange, settlement periods and terms, bids and offers quoted and priority of matching accordingly. Players can only trade securities that are listed on the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange.
  6. Players are only allowed to trade (place orders) during official trading hours of Bursa Malaysia, that is between 8:30am-12:30pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays and other non-trading days announced by Bursa Malaysia.
  7. Odd lots orders and short selling are not allowed in the Apexegame. However, purchases in PN17 and GN3 counters are permitted.
  8. Players are allowed to do a quantity reduction (less than original quantity revision). However, price revision is not allowed. Players are required to cancel the order and to place a new order.
  9. There are charges incurred when buying or selling securities. The net buy amount due is based on the value of transactions matched plus transaction costs of about 0.55%. Consequently, the net sale amount would be the sale proceeds minus the transaction costs.
  10. Purchases can only be made subject to the DEPOSIT available but the deposit will only be set off against the cost of purchase on the due date of settlement pursuant to the rules of trading i.e. On T+2. Likewise, all sale proceeds of securities sold shall be added back to the deposit on T+2. Any sale of securities bought but not setoff yet (i.e. Before T+2) shall result in a contra and any contra gains/losses shall be added to the deposit accordingly.
  11. All contra gains/losses (difference between cost of purchase of a given quantity of shares, sold within 2 trading days) and realized gains/losses are calculated using the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) weighted average price method of accounting.
  12. Unrealized gains and losses will not be considered at every end of the month in determining the top 20 leader board. However, on the last trading day of the game challenge, the system will automatically close (sell out) all outstanding positions in the player's portfolio.
  13. Total Deposits including gains/losses may be reset at the end of each game challenge, thereby deleting all records of a player's gains or losses, stock portfolio, purchase/sale prices and any records in the player's account.
  14. If a company is involved in a capital reduction/consolidation, share split or bonus issue, this will be applied to your portfolio automatically. In the case of right issues, we will automatically assume you do not take up the rights that are being offered. Any dividend payout will not be credited to client's portfolio.
  15. Players can only buy stocks that have an offer price and quantity quoted on the real time Bursa feed and conversely a player can only sell at an existing bid price and quantity.
  16. There are two order matching mechanisms in Apexegame.
    1. Order execution takes place based on the most current actual price & within the quantity matched.

      In other words: your order will be executed and matched if a transaction takes place on the actual Bursa board. Orders may be partially executed based on actual quantity done (within last done quantity and price).
    2. Order execution takes place based on market depth (the 3 best bids/asks on the board). This would obviously be subject to your funds available to buy or quantity available to sell in your portfolio.

      In other words: your order will be executed and matched immediately (regardless of what is done on the actual board). The order will only be matched if your ask quantity to sell or your bid quantity to buy is within (equal/less than) the quantity queued on the board. The matching sequence is in priority according to the nearest level of market depth Bid & Ask prices to the last done.